Do You Have Your 2017 Marketing Plan Mapped Out?

The year 2017 may just be some few days old. As a businessperson, there are still several days ahead. As usual, new year provides new opportunities and potential new challenges. Do you have your 2017 marketing plan mapped out? This is a question whose answer you cannot ignore if you were to succeed in your business goals. You need to come up with cohesive plans which will let you prepare for the best, and the worst. As you gear up for this year, the following are key factors you should consider as component of your marketing plan arsenal

Maximizing Data Collection and Analysis

With the amount of available data continuing to accumulate and grow, so is the rising opportunity to gather or collect relevant data and utilize it for more effective, smarter, and better marketing. Think about all those places you’ve been gathering information, or can access as well as leverage information to make more prudent business decisions. From the current client data, and insight to things such as social listening and website analytics, there are possibly a host of untapped outlets you should be better leveraging so as to get smarter concerning your audience, and effectively engage with them.  Here is a video showing you how analytics works.

Content Marketing

“Content is the king.” You have probably heard this said many times. Nowadays, content marketing has replaced traditional marketing in more profitable ways than before. Creating quality content which your customers and potential ones wants to engage with fuels PR strategy, social media strategy, search marketing, and more. So this should be your 2017 marketing plan.

Persona Development

As personalization as well as relevance in marketing become high stakes this year, the development of major audience personas will take traditional audience definitions (mindsets and demographics) to some much more meaningful place, and help in fueling smart and effective content marketing strategies. Well, persona templates may vary, based upon how you need to utilize them, and what your own business requirements are. However, you should usually include the snapshot of the persona ( role, demographics, photo), the things they value most, their challenges and goals, plus their preferences.

Cross-Device Marketing

With so much data available this year at your disposal, this marketing strategy, which still still young, is growing and providing marketers increased opportunities to think about means to more holistically target customers on multiple devices (ultimately providing more immersive consumer experiences). This may be as easy as serving up mobile adverts at the same time that you run TV spots. And the opportunities are going to be nearly endless. Therefore, you should let the data together with your creativity to act as your guide.

So the above are some ways you are going to your 2017 marketing plan mapped out. If you still haven’t made any tentative plans, they can be quite valuable in your business endeavors.

The Road Map to Small Business Success


At every point in time, the things that need to be done always outweighs the resources required to do them. This was what led the early economists to propound the theory of “scale of preference“. This theory explains that a list of all that is needed be made starting from the most pressing need to the least pressing one. After the preparation of the list, an attempt should be made to take care of them all starting from the most pressing item, which is at the top, to the least pressing item at the bottom. The same rule applies to small scale businesses.


The business plan of a small scale business serves as a guide in the sense that it details what kind of business you want to engage in, or is already engaged in. This in turn determines the kind of customers your business needs to attract.
It also notes the things you need in order to adequately service your customers. For instance, based on the amount of capital with which you began your business; writing down your business plan will help you know what amount would go into advertising and the amount to be kept for the day-to-day operating costs of your business.


Though it might not seem necessary at the time of beginning that small scale business; the business plan will help you maintain focus on achieving the success you set out for. After all, the primary aim of every small scale business entrepreneur is the freedom to do what he or she loves best as a medium to achieving financial independence.

With the business plan written down, you can be able to attract financing from third parties who can easily understand your business and how you go about making it a success just by looking at your business plan. They include Angel Investors, Banks, Family Members, Friends, and so on.

Now by showing them your written down business plan, they consider you and your business seriously. This is opportunity created by you rather than depending on sheer luck to succeed.


Due to your focus on how to go about achieving your stated goals as listed in your business plan, you realize that you are able to handle changes or contingencies as they occur. If you had spent all your initial capital on advertising without a plan or limit for instance, you would most likely not have been able to have the extra cash needed to pay unexpected bills that might have forced you to close shop.

With the business plan however, your small business is properly tended to. Just like the plant blooms and grows when properly tended to, your small business will turn out to be a success.